Brake Replacement

From brake pads and discs, to fluid changes

If your brakes have become unresponsive, squeaking or aren’t slowing you down fast enough, chances are they will need replacing. Common signs that your brakes need attention are;

  • Squeaking noise when braking
  • Car moves left or right under braking
  • Your car isn’t slowing down as much as it used to
  • Your brake pedal requires more force to get the same stopping effects

How do brakes wear differently?

Different styles of driving have a dramatic effect on how often your brakes need servicing. For example, a car that mainly does motorway journeys may only need its brakes servicing every 60,000 miles, compared to a car that drives mainly in the city, which may need servicing every 20,000 miles.
At A1 Leicester, when we replace the brake pads, we will also replace the break disc. Overtime, with the constant friction and heat being applied to the discs, they become grooved, warped and scored. This dramatically effects breaking efficiency, and will even contribute to poor fuel consumption.

Brakes at A1 Leicester

When you bring your motor to A1, we will diagnose your brake issue and provide you with honest, reliable information on any servicing that needs to be undertaken. We will never charge you for unnecessary labor or extra parts that are not needed. Once you are happy, we will service your brake components, ensuring they are properly installed to maintain maximum braking performance. We also offer a break fluid replacement service. Please contact us for a quote on any of our brakes services.

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